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Firstly, I should introduce myself. I am Spikey Man and I am a beautiful Shih Tzu dog who lives with my mummy & daddy who run Sasha Public Relations. (Sasha was a big German Shepherd). Because I am around the office all the time I have picked up many public relations ideas so here is my very first Blog.

Hear from our clients

Thank you for attending the Launch Ceremony yesterday.

All your work for the Centre has been fantastic and I have already been receiving calls for the article in Pittwater Life.

Kind regards

Ben Webb
Centre Manager
Veterans Centre – Sydney Northern Beaches

Keep Refreshing Your Website to Keep it Alive

It's important that websites do not become stagnant and are refreshed with news on any new products or services on a regular basis. A good way to keep your website living and breathing is to maintain a news section and post media releases and/or make comment on your market. A regular Blog will also provide the opportunity to speak about your services as well as make comment on a whole range of issues.

As always, good quality images are essential to help tell the story and attract the attention of search engines.

If you need help with copy content for your website or ideas on what you can write about give us a call at Sasha and we will make it happen.

Remember the Basics

We are living in an online world and at times you could be excused for thinking we are speaking a different language. Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Podcast and others have become part of our everyday life.

It is important though to remember the basics of communication even if the media platforms we are using are much more diverse.

What are the messages we are trying to convey to our target audiences and are those messages consistent?

Is the public relations program in harmony with other parts of the organisation's marketing or are we sending out confusing messages.

It is also worthwhile checking that the organisations visual image is not being distorted by the use of different logo styles or a variety of inconsistent slogans.

That's why a Style Guide is such valuable management tool providing easy reference for team members, particularly in a big company.

There's enough clutter out there without adding to it through our actions.

Talking of basics; there seems to be a tendency on some websites I have visited recently to not show a contact phone number!

Spikey Man

Spikey's First Blog Post

Internal communications

With so many components making up a public relations program such as social media, media releases, websites and so on, it is easy to forget about communicating within the organisation. How many times have you spoken to front line staff and they are not completely aware of a special offer or service that has been advertised?

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