A Public Relations Program


For a public relations program to work effectively there needs to be the following ingredients.

  • A clear understanding as to the communication objectives of the PR Program and the strategies to be employed to achieve those objectives.
  • A good match between the personalities of the client and consultancy’s contacts based on trust and integrity..
  • A commitment at all levels of the client’s organisation that the program will be considered an essential part of the client’s communications with its stakeholders and target audiences. This means taking the consultancy into the organisation’s confidence in regards to marketing campaigns, new product launches and advertising campaigns.
  • A realistic budget to support the program.
  • Agreement between client and consultancy on how the success of the program will be measured.
  • Regular client/consultancy strategic meetings and email/phone contact to monitor progress and fine tune strategies.
  • Quality photographs/graphics to support communications.
  • A willingness to explore communication opportunities offered by new media including, Bloggs and online channels.
  • Preparedness to value media contacts critical to the organisation.
  • Flexibility on story lines and angles